Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review - ProBlogger Secrets for Blogging Your Way To A Six Figure Income

Ever since I came across Darren Rowse's blog I've always enjoyed reading it. That's why when I heard he had a book on blogging I was intrigued to see what just all that would be included. After finding a paperback copy on amazon I decided to give it a try.

What This Book Isn't

Before picking up this book it's important to have an understanding of what this book is not about. This book isn't about SEO. Other than some basic on page stuff SEO isn't mentioned much at all. It certainly isn't about building backilinks, diversified anchor text, blog networks or any of the latest trends. The book doesn't cover PPC, paid traffic or anything like that either. There are no secret methods of getting traffic or ranking in Google. So if that's what you're looking for then you have to look elsewhere.

What This Book Is

Some may read that first heading at decide that there is nothing of value in this book. That it is for "noobs" or that it is a "white hat" marketing book. Those people would be wrong. This book is an excellent guide to help you create a successful blog. Because it focuses on one thing that is how to create a blog that users will love and share with others. Without that all the linkbuilding and SEO will be of no use anyway.

It explains in great detail how to choose a niche (and what exactly a niche is in the first place). How to set up your blog, the structure your site should have for SEO. How to come up with a posting schedule that will work for you and your audience. Ways to start building a list around your blog, networking with other bloggers and engaging your audience.

While you may have heard much of the advice in this book online and from other sources chances are that you aren't following the advice. This book is great motivational tool to read as the importance of these principles is explained and it will motivate you to get back to what you need to be doing to successful. I like how it also shows simple ways that you can schedule all of the little tasks that go along with writing and promoting a blog. Once you have a schedule and system in place it's just a matter of following through. I would recommend this book to any blogger who feels they want improve the quality and readership of their blog. Pick up a copy here