Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Changes Announced For Tweet Adder 4.0 May 2013

Tweet Adder 4.0 Is Coming Soon With Big Changes Planned

In my email today I received the following message from the folks over at Tweet Adder:
All current TweetAdder users will be required to upgrade to the new version of TweetAdder 4.0 by May, 2013. As a reminder, TweetAdder users must comply with Twitter's Terms of Service.

We are excited about working with Twitter and delivering an innovative solution for businesses and individuals to manage their accounts. TweetAdder 4.0 has been designed to comply with all of Twitter's Terms of Service.
It sounds like Tweet Adder would like to be working with Twitter instead of in opposition to them. Hopefully this will mean that it will be far less likely that Twitter will ban Tweet Adder users in the future. Although I fear that by working with Twitter the software may become less powerful as Twitter likely sees it as a direct competitor with their promoted tweets. We will have to wait and see how this works out in the end.

Then they also dropped this on everyone: 
Currently, TweetAdder is being sold on a one time fee basis.  In the upcoming future we will be converting this model to a monthly subscription.  
We will allow you to use your prior registration codes on TweetAdder 4.0 and grandfather any purchases made prior to our subscription conversion.
So if you haven't gotten in on Tweet Adder yet now is the time! Soon they'll be switching to a monthly subscription service. Make sure to sign up before this takes place in May 2013 to avoid monthly fees. You can purchase Tweet Adder below with coupon code given: