Monday, April 1, 2013

Backlink Software Social Rank Jet Suite Is An Epic Fail

Social Rank Jet Suite was one of the first and last WSO offers that I will ever purchase. Honestly if this product represents the standards of the Warrior Forum then I'm not impressed at all. Actually I bought this a few months ago and quickly found out that it's complete garbage. It was only $9.99 though so I figured live and learn, right? Now though I opened my email today to find this failure of programming being featured as a daily pick over at Well, I don't want any other people wasting money on this product so I thought I'd let you in on the real deal about Social Rank Jet Suite.
  • SRJS promises to build Google love by getting you links on hundreds of Social Bookmarking Sites. The reality is you can submit to exactly 100 sites that are very low quality and to get more you have to upgrade.
  • SRJS promises an easy submission process. The reality is that you'll have to fork over more money for De-captcha account to submit your links. Plus you need to sign up for paid proxies so your IP address doesn't get banned. These spammy links are getting expensive.
  • SRJS promises that you can easily defeat Google's Penguin update by using Penguinizer XP software that is included. The only problem is the software locks up before it produces the needed spintax.
For these reasons this software has been just sitting on my computer wasting hard drive space. If you really need social bookmarking links I suggest the cheaper and more effective Social Monkee. Remember never point any automated social bookmarking link at your main site make sure you buffer it through an existing web 2.0 property. Otherwise you could run into a Google penalty down the road.