Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Squidoo.com Takes Another Hit: This Time It's eBay

There have been a lot of changes recently over at Squidoo.com first they changed all out going links to nofollow. It seemed that they had taken a pretty big hit from Google for too much spammy content. I however remained positive knowing that Squidoo's main value is in promoting their affiliates Amazon, eBay and Adsense. Out of these by far eBay is the most valuable as it is very difficult to get a site approved for the eBay Partner Network. Squidoo though has taken another hit this time from eBay. I recieved this news in my email today:
 In the coming months eBay will be releasing revamped pricing that will favor new and infrequent buyers in their payouts. This means that if someone who is a regular eBay buyer visits your lens and makes a purchase via an eBay module, the royalty percentage will be lower. However if a new or infrequent buyer completes a sale, your royalty should be higher. This may or may not affect your overall royalties. It just depends on who your customers are. eBay will be sharing new information about this change with us.
May or may not affect royalties? My guess is it will mean lower royalties otherwise there would be no reason for eBay to implement it. Also, they added this bewildering comment:
More immediately, however - starting May 1st - eBay will be reducing payments to Squidoo and their lensmasters by up to 40%. This is a temporary move and will affect all lensmasters who drive traffic to eBay.
Ummm, why? That's a pretty steep cut with no real explanation given. I like Squidoo making lenses is easy and a good way to increase your online presence. However, lately they seem like they are fighting an uphill battle that they'll ultimately lose. Now may be the time to save any of your lenses to your hard drive for further reference down the road. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Changes Announced For Tweet Adder 4.0 May 2013

Tweet Adder 4.0 Is Coming Soon With Big Changes Planned

In my email today I received the following message from the folks over at Tweet Adder:
All current TweetAdder users will be required to upgrade to the new version of TweetAdder 4.0 by May, 2013. As a reminder, TweetAdder users must comply with Twitter's Terms of Service.

We are excited about working with Twitter and delivering an innovative solution for businesses and individuals to manage their accounts. TweetAdder 4.0 has been designed to comply with all of Twitter's Terms of Service.
It sounds like Tweet Adder would like to be working with Twitter instead of in opposition to them. Hopefully this will mean that it will be far less likely that Twitter will ban Tweet Adder users in the future. Although I fear that by working with Twitter the software may become less powerful as Twitter likely sees it as a direct competitor with their promoted tweets. We will have to wait and see how this works out in the end.

Then they also dropped this on everyone: 
Currently, TweetAdder is being sold on a one time fee basis.  In the upcoming future we will be converting this model to a monthly subscription.  
We will allow you to use your prior registration codes on TweetAdder 4.0 and grandfather any purchases made prior to our subscription conversion.
So if you haven't gotten in on Tweet Adder yet now is the time! Soon they'll be switching to a monthly subscription service. Make sure to sign up before this takes place in May 2013 to avoid monthly fees. You can purchase Tweet Adder below with coupon code given:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Automated Amazon To Twitter Profits

The Amazon Twitter Connection


It's no secret that Amazon is pushing affiliates to share links on social networks, they even have a built in share button for affiliates. Twitter, unlike Facebook is very forgiving with status updates that link to affiliate web pages. Add to this the fact that both Amazon and Twitter have easy to use RSS features and you have the ingredients for a fully automated Twitter profile that will promote Amazon items 24 hours a day while you forget that it even exists. This takes a little time to setup but after that it's completely hands off.

Setting Up The Twitter Account


You'll need a fresh Twitter profile so go and get yourself a new free email account. Now start thinking about what niche you'll want to get into. A good idea for this kind of project is to think of categories on Amazon where there are always new items and also lots of related blogs and review sites. The reason for this will become clear in the next step. For now complete your Twitter profile by:

  1. Create a Twitter name that is related to your chosen niche. Think of this as part of your branding. The idea will be to establish yourself as the authority on whatever niche you chose.
  2. Create a description that conveys authority. Your description should let other Twitter users know that you have all the updates that they need for whatever category that you're in.
  3. Make a professional looking logo. Instead of using a real picture for your avatar create a simple square Logo and use that instead. This will make it appear that you're not just a one person but a upstart internet company. 

Feeding Your Twitter Profile


Now you're going to start wanting to get some automated content for your Twitter profile. Thankfully this is super easy with RSS technology. Start looking for the definitive blogs and news websites pertaining to your niche. Carefully search each site for the RSS feed and bookmark the address. Now look for some smaller independent blogs on sub niches and bookmark those as well. Go to twitterfeed.com and start attaching each RSS feed to your Twitter profile. Check out the video below for more details:

Helpful hints for using twitterfeed.com:
  • If the blog you're using also has an associated Twitter profile the proper thing to do is to Prefix it with RT @example_user or Postfix with via @example_user. This gives proper credit to the original author.
  • If the RSS feed is updated frequently then check for new updates every 30 minutes and allow 5 posts at once. This is so you won't miss any important posts.
  • Make sure to add some popular hashtags to the end of your tweet using the Postfix option. This creates more visibility for your tweet as many people search by hashtag.

Building Your Twitter Fan-base


If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it does it still make a sound? If you post to a Twitter account with no followers are you ever going to make a sale? The answer to first question is yes (science) and the answer to the latter is statistically near zero (common sense). Then it's clear that to make this work we have got to start getting some fans. You'll attract some just with the high quality tweets and proper hashtags but not many real engaged fans, for that you'll need something more powerful. To get fans fast and do it on all on autopilot you're going to need some top notch Twitter software. Now I know what you're thinking "Can't I find some free software tools that can do this?" I'm going to be honest with you I thought the exact same thing at first and started looking for cheap auto-follow scripts and online tools. The problem is that each of free tools left out the major thing that you need which is to unfollow those who don't follow you back after a certain amount of time. The online tools are great but they all end up charging a monthly fee which in the end will cost you more than just buying some premium desk top software. That's why I recommend using Tweet Adder. Yes, it's a little pricey but it will allow you to automate every important Twitter function. See Tweet Adder in action below:

Tips for using Tweet Adder:
  • Start out slowly, it might looks a little strange to Twitter if a new profile is suddenly following hundreds of people a day. You could get your profile banned so build slowly at first and then ramp it up once you have few followers.
  • When creating your list of users to follow try searching by "Followers Of A User" and choose a Twitter profile that is similar to yours and follow their followers. This a great way to build fans fast.
  • When you sign up for Tweet Adder make sure you use a valid discount code like the one below.

Tweet Adder

Monetizing Your New Twitter Fan-base


Notice we have left off talking about monetizing your Twitter profile until the very end of this article. That's because without a decent amount of followers there really is no point in monetizing your Twitter profile. Plus if you start advertising on day one that may make it harder for you to gain followers quickly. Think of your informational tweets as you giving to your fans and your advertising tweets as you taking from your fans. When you are first starting out you want to give a lot more than you take. Overtime though your audience will get used to (and maybe even appreciate) some of your ads. Once you feel you've reached this point you can start monetizing with Amazon. There are two basic ways to create a new feed:
  1. Get Amazon feeds by category. The first and easiest way to find Amazon RSS feeds is by category. From the Amazon home page navigate to "Shop By Department" and click on "Full Store Directory". Browse for your desired category. Once there you'll see on the sidebar "Bestselling", "Most Wished For", "New Releases" and "Gift Ideas". Click on one of these and and scroll to the bottom of the screen. At the bottom you'll find an orange RSS button click it and copy the address. At the end of RSS url append the following: ?tag=your_amazon_id-20 this will place your tracking code in each item in the feed. Note that not all categories will have all the options above smaller categories may just have "Best Sellers" and not the other options.
  2. Get Amazon feeds using RSS tools. The second way is to use premium Amazon feed generators. The advantage here is that you can have the update more often and be more specific in what shows up on your Twitter profile. The most popular option in this regard is www.rssground.com. If you would like to try it out first there is a limited trial version at www.rssfeedsgenerator.com.
These are about the only two easy options you have for getting and using Amazon's RSS feeds. Amazon at one time to employed a tagging system which could also be used to create RSS feeds but this has since been discontinued. However, if you don't like Amazon's built in RSS system you can also schedule tweets using Tweet Adder automated tweets or you can also try hootsuite.com. With your new success on Twitter you could also start promoting your own blog, Amazon Store or email list.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-Page SEO Techniques
By Aitor Recalde

Off-page SEO is a set of techniques that drives traffic to your site and increases your Page Rank (PR). The purpose of off-page SEO is to complement your on-page SEO efforts with Google Juice. Links, likes, shares, pins, wins, leans, twins, blings and whatever else is out there all play a role to your off-page SEO efforts. Below you will find techniques that can help get your off-page SEO started, refine your current efforts, or just give you some ideas. I will rate these techniques using something I just came up with: the GJS (Google Juice Scale). The Google Juice Scale ranks these off-page SEO techniques from 1 to 10 (1=OK 10=Super).

Off-page SEO Techniques (by my Google Juice Scale)

Blogging (GJS = 10)

Blogging is the best way to create brand awareness and to bring visitors to your site. Not all blogs are created equal and you may have to spend a bit of time to make sure that your content is of quality. Quality brings readers back. "Write it and they will read!" Having a blog is great because you can get your ideas "out there" and the same time, make a name for your brand! A blog's best friend, besides readers, is Social Media.

Social Networking (GJS = 10)

Some of the most popular are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, MySpace (just kidding), you may also look for non-well known, like CafeMom (which receives ~1M visitors/month). There is a flavor for everyone and there is a target for every brand. Any page that has some kind of networking abilities is a page that can increase your brand awareness and potentially increase your PR.

Blog and Forum Marketing (GJS=8)

Reading other blogs of interest and participating in forums is a great practice. Find something aligned with your industry and start reading and commenting. Bloggers find it encouraging when there are other experts in the industry dropping a note on their posts. So how is it that you can benefit from this? On every blog and forum where you can register, you get a profile. In most cases, this profile will have a place to add a website. In forums, you can add a website and other branding to your forum signature. Potentially, every answer and every comment can turn into a link!

Directory Submission (GJS=4)

Online directories have existed since the availability of the Internet. They are a little passe (as my wife would say), however, I find they still have real value. To maximize your exposure and the effectiveness of your listing, try a niche directory related to your industry.

Photo Sharing (GJS=6)

Photo sharing can be a fun way to create brand awareness. If you are in design or another visually demanding industry, you know what I mean. Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Pitch-a-Pic, Snap-a-Shot, etc. are great sites to share your pictures and get links going. Do not check the last two; I made those up.

Article Submission (GJS=3)

As mentioned earlier, blogging is one of the best ways to generate off page SEO, but it takes time to generate a following. Suppose you need to get some traction right away. Thankfully, there are some nice websites out there that already have a nice PR score, (some 6 and upwards) that allow you to submit your own editorial content. Ezine is a website that will give you a good start, and you may want to stick with it as a long term off-page SEO technique. These techniques will keep you busy for a while and will yield positive results, although some faster than others. Keep in mind that an effective off-page SEO strategy contains a combination of techniques.

Author: Aitor Recalde with ps.marketing
ps.marketing is an Atlanta web design company that provides web design, SEO and online marketing services catered to business needs.
Come visit our website and see what we can do for you and your business. You can also follow our blog to keep up with the web design industry.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Aitor_Recalde

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To Use Squidoo.com To Drive Traffic After The Nofollow Update

So as I wrote about in an earlier post Squidoo.com is changing all their links from dofollow to nofollow. While I think this is a bad move on Squidoo's part as it punishes affiliate marketers who may have spent valuable time and money building up links to their Web 2.0 property only to now see that the links won't pass thru to their money site. I also believe that Squidoo will still be great way to drive traffic to your website or blog and even make some extra money while you're at it. With the nofollow update now the rules have changed and if you want to get results from Squidoo you'll need to play along.
  • Give Squidoo what it wants. Look Squidoo doesn't hate affiliate marketers as long as their getting a piece of the action. So be sure to add some relevant eBay or Amazon modules to every lens you create. The more sales your lens creates the higher it's search ranking within Squidoo which can get you a decent amount of traffic.
  • Make your lens an overview of a given topic. Instead of making cookie cutter sales page type lenses for different products make overview lenses where you curate the best content on the web (and throw in some links to your own pages while your at it). Make sure you keep it up to date so it's always a valid resource for your readers.
  • Hang out in the Squidoo Forums. No it's not a waste of time. You can post links to your new lenses and ask people to review them. This is a sure fire way to get more SquidLikes and traffic to your page.
  • Use the Squidoo search feature. A search term may have tons of competition on Google but very little on Squidoo itself. Remember some lensmasters come to Squidoo first to search for information as a way to support the community. You can get traffic for your page without ever ranking high in Google.
  • Make sure you interlink all of your related lenses. Remember that the nofollow update applies only to outgoing links that means you can still boost your own lenses by using the related lenses module or by direct links within the lens.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Backlink Software Social Rank Jet Suite Is An Epic Fail

Social Rank Jet Suite was one of the first and last WSO offers that I will ever purchase. Honestly if this product represents the standards of the Warrior Forum then I'm not impressed at all. Actually I bought this a few months ago and quickly found out that it's complete garbage. It was only $9.99 though so I figured live and learn, right? Now though I opened my email today to find this failure of programming being featured as a daily pick over at JVZoo.com. Well, I don't want any other people wasting money on this product so I thought I'd let you in on the real deal about Social Rank Jet Suite.
  • SRJS promises to build Google love by getting you links on hundreds of Social Bookmarking Sites. The reality is you can submit to exactly 100 sites that are very low quality and to get more you have to upgrade.
  • SRJS promises an easy submission process. The reality is that you'll have to fork over more money for De-captcha account to submit your links. Plus you need to sign up for paid proxies so your IP address doesn't get banned. These spammy links are getting expensive.
  • SRJS promises that you can easily defeat Google's Penguin update by using Penguinizer XP software that is included. The only problem is the software locks up before it produces the needed spintax.
For these reasons this software has been just sitting on my computer wasting hard drive space. If you really need social bookmarking links I suggest the cheaper and more effective Social Monkee. Remember never point any automated social bookmarking link at your main site make sure you buffer it through an existing web 2.0 property. Otherwise you could run into a Google penalty down the road.