Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Move From Blogger To A Self Hosted Wordpress Blog

Blogger has been very good to me I love the simplicity and the ease. You can literally get a blog up and running in no time at all. When I used to read other blogs saying that you had to get your own domain and hosting company I would always wonder what the big fuss was all about. As time went by though more and more things I wanted to do with one of blogs simply wouldn't work on blogger. I found that I wanted my blog to be more like a website I needed PHP links, stand alone pages and JavaScript apps. Things that just can't be done on

So I turned my attention to trying to find a good web hosting company. However, this can be a daunting task there are tons of web hosting review sites out there and most of them are biased due to being affiliates themselves. Pouring through the information was confusing to say the least. Then I remembered that I had seen a large blog network site that recommended a webhost named bluehost. They had mentioned that bluehost allows you to have unlimited domains for one low monthly fee.  I liked this idea because who knows what other blogs or websites I might like to start up in the future. With this solution I won't have to pay a separate fee for each domain I want to host. Now I did find some unhappy bluehost customer reviews but by and large these were larger websites running database software. Bluehost uses shared hosting and is really not ideal for these kind of websites (unless you upgrade to a more expensive option).

With a little help from this great guide to transferring a blogger blog to wordpress I was able to import my blog into wordpress and keep most of my PageRank and links. Having never used a webhost before I can say that bluehost cPanel (don't be scared it's just the program used for updating different attributes of your web pages) is easy and intuitive to use. There are also many how to videos to help newbies like myself understand the how and why of some the functions. Installing wordpress on a domain is a one click operation that couldn't be made any easier.

So if your thinking about making the switch to a self hosted blog but are a little intimidated don't be.