Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Hypocrisy: Blogger Affiliate Ads With Adsense

Okay this story got on my nerves a bit. I opened my blogger account today to see that Google has announced that blogger blogs can now run affiliate ads through Google Adsense. Why does this bother me? Well, awhile back I tried to promote one of my other blogspot blogs with Adwords. However, I was told that my site had low quality links (commission junction and amazon affiliate links) and so I would have to get rid of those before advertising with Google AdWords. This despite the fact that many of the advertisers are the very same ones that the AdSense program chooses for my blog. After about five emails back and forth with Google I realized that there was no way I'd ever get back on AdWords as long as I was doing affiliate blogging.

Now though that it is integrated with Google AdSense and Google gets a slice of the revenue (they don't reveal their percentage or who the advertisers are) they are fine with affiliate blogging. I have the feeling as well that since it basically a part of AdSense that AdWords will accept these affiliate ads without any problems whatsoever. Google would probably argue that their affiliate ads are a better "user experience" but that argument falls flat. This is Google hypocrisy at it's worst. Using a competitor's advertising program should not affect your ability to use AdWords that is unfair and creates a monopoly for Google.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogspot Blogs: Getting Higher Rankings Without Link Building

I hear a lot lately about how blogs and blogs especially are not the best performers for affiliate marketers. Now I'll be the first to admit that there are some things I would like to do with my blogspot blog that I just can't. Google has limited them in many ways, most notably you can't really create your javascript apps within posts and you can't use PHP redirects because file hosting isn't allowed. While those features would be nice it also would make blogspot blogs more like regular HTML websites. So I've learned that a blog has different strengths and weaknesses from a website. Sometimes as affiliate bloggers we may tend to look at what is missing and forget about how we can take advantage of the blogging platform. Here are some advantages blogs have over websites and how you can maximize their effect:

  1. Blogs Are News.  Many blogs revolve around news and editorial content. Because of this blogs post that are new are treated as more relevant by Google than old ones. This is especially true in Google blog search where new results are heavily favored. You can take advantage of this by writing blog post often. More than that though try to keep up with announcements and trending topics for your niche and write about them early while a lot of people are searching for them. This will give you a boost in traffic and hopefully some natural links.
  2. Blogs Have A Homepage.  For blogs each blog post is a HTML page but your home page is the most important because more than likely it has the most links and PageRank. Take advantage of this by writing multiple posts on the same keywords and titles. Break big post up into two or three smaller posts. This will help create more keyword density for your homepage than if you jump from subject to subject.
  3. Blogs Have Sidebars On Every Page. Some people see this as a negative in that blogs have the same sidebar content for every post they make. However, you can turn this negative into a positive. How? By writing keyword content in your sidebars. Instead of using your sidebars for banner ads only try writing some mini post with keywords you want to get better rankings on. The keyword effect will be multiplied by however many pages make up your blog. I recommend going after a new keyword every two weeks or so as after awhile the effect wears off as Google sees that it is duplicate content.