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Top 6 Article Marketing Techniques

Article Marketing Techniques – Top 6 Article Marketing Strategies You Should Try To Maintain Profitable Article Promotion

Author: Article Marketer
Article marketing techniques can differ from internet marketer to internet marketer. In this article, I’ll share top 6 Article Marketing Strategies To Maintain Profitable Article Promotion. 
1.    Massive Submission
Massive submission is one of the most popular article marketing techniques nowadays. In general, one original and tens or hundreds of spinned articles are being used in this case. It is at your choice to do this yourself using article submission software or buy massive article distribution service. 
2.    Submission to top list 
Most internet marketing gurus prefer this article marketing promotion: submission of each and every article to top 10 or15 article marketing directories. In this case, you should choose highest traffic and highest pagerank sites to get maximum from your article promotion. 
3.    Manual Submission  
Manual submission is recommended by many experienced internet marketers as one of the most effective article marketing techniques. They mostly implement manual submission without any help if software.   
4.    Submission to 1 or 2 sites only. 
Some article marketers prefer submission of their articles only to one or two article marketing directories. The main reason for that is saving time and gaining a few, but more quality backlinks. Especially Do-follow, PR6 Ezinearticles is the number one site for every internet marketer. 
5.    More articles, more sales 
Some article marketers are people who are trying to get maximum results from any work, including article distribution. Therefore they attack top directories with tens of articles every single day to win over their competitors. I know even one internet marketer who himself is writing 101 articles per day and then submit them to top 10 directories to increase his affiliate and adsense income.  
6.    Maximum Leverage of Article Marketing 
Another group of article marketers apply “complex approach” article marketing techniques trying to “squeeze” maximum benefit from each and every article.
They use each article for:
  1. Creating short reports
  2. Creating video
  3. Forum marketing
  4. Yahoo answers marketing
  5. Creating e-book
  6. And much more. 
It is your own decision either to use only one or two from these 6 article marketing techniques or combine all of them for maximum profitable article promotion.
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