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SEO Tips For Start Ups

SEO for StartUp

Author: SEO Pandit
Search Engine Optimization has come to acquire great importance today due to increased online activity and growing e-commerce. SEO becomes all the more crucial for a start-up with low level of brand awareness and limited advertising budget. For a start-up, resources are always a matter of concern and allocating the right resources at the right place is what makes or breaks them. So if you are a startup and are contemplating whether to take the SEO route or not, here are 2 cases to guide you in your decision.

Case 1: You are a start up with a product which has very low awareness i.e your potential customers are not aware of either your brand or what you are selling. In a traditional PLC curve your product would be located at the leftmost corner. You are in the ‘introduction\' phase and you need to create awareness both for your product and brand.

How will Search Engine Optimization help?
Without going into the nitty gritties of how SEO is done, your Search Engine Optimization campaign will help you create that awareness. Your product offers some kind of a solution to an existing problem (and I assume it does!). Your potential customers might not know that such a product exists (due to the newness of your product) but they are definitely looking for a solution to their problem. They use search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for that information. The words they use to describe their problems become your 'Keywords'. An SEO campaign helps you in finding out these keywords. Tools like Google Adwords go a long way in identifying these keywords. SEO then helps integrating these keywords into your web site content so that it comes up when a search for the related query is done. This creates awareness about your product and consequently your brand.
The better the understanding of search engines, the better will be your ranking and higher will be your Brand/Product Awareness.

 Case 2: You are a Startup but there is already substantial market awareness about the product you are selling i.e you are new but your product is not. In a traditional PLC curve, your product will be located in the 'Growth' phase but there is very low level of awareness about your Brand per say.

How will Search Engine Optimization help?
In this phase of the market, you need to break the clutter and get your Brand noticed. Typically, you have to fight the big fishes here who have already established themselves. Your keywords have become more competitive. In such a scenario, SEO helps in getting your brand noticed. By such SEO techniques like Quality Content, Code revamping, Navigation restructure,Sitemap Creation , Link Building ,etc. the SEO Analyst works to get you higher ranking in SERPs. He also helps you to identify the most suitable keywords for your business.

Now coming to the cost factor of Search Engine Optimization, it is cheaper than most forms of traditional advertising. True your marketing budget is limited, but you do need to make a trade-off in the right direction at the right time!

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