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SEO vs. SEM - What's The Difference?

SEO Vs SEM - What Are the Advantages?

Author: Amit Kothiyal
Often users confuse SEO and SEM and use these terms interchangeably, ignoring the major differences in both the terms. The most used term among internet marketers SEO (search engine optimization) is an element of SEM (search engine marketing). An act of optimizing a website, SEO is used basically for natural and organic search engine listings and is among the most cost-effective functions of SEM.

On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing is an act of promoting your business via SEO (improving rank in natural listings) or through sponsored listings such as PPC. In short, SEM is a rather broad term. Whether it is an element such as SEO or the much broader functions of SEM, both the techniques can prove to be a great advantage if used in correct time and correct manner. .

Some of the advantages of SEO and SEM are:.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1. Cost Effective: SEO does not demand pay for click/visitors you get that means you can enjoy benefits of being on top without having to pay for this, includes long term benefits, needs low ongoing maintenance fees and is best for the marketers on budget. The only expenses would be while hiring expert SEO services from a well known SEO company, which is very less as compare to paid ads. .

2. Trust: The organic listings of SEO are a trusted source of information, supposed to be indexed and unbiased entirely by the programmed method of the third party. .

3.Long Lasting: Even though the SEO techniques takes around 6-7 months to bring results but the results are long lasting and benefit the user for years to come. .

SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

1. Fast Results: Search Engine Marketing is the combination of PayPerClick and search engine optimization techniques, which makes it more appropriate for the marketers to get immediate results. .

2. Direct Access to Target Market: SEM offers complete access to the target customers and a prospect to scale campaigns and follow them assertively. .

3. More sales: The sponsored ads in SEM are known to drive more visitors to the site, which convert into more customers and higher sales, however demands higher investment. .

Once you have developed your site, both SEO and SEM would be the major help in promoting your business. Since both the techniques are important and need proper understanding and skills, it is always beneficial to avail the SEM and SEO services of SEO and SEM experts from a reputed SEO company.
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Top 6 Article Marketing Techniques

Article Marketing Techniques – Top 6 Article Marketing Strategies You Should Try To Maintain Profitable Article Promotion

Author: Article Marketer
Article marketing techniques can differ from internet marketer to internet marketer. In this article, I’ll share top 6 Article Marketing Strategies To Maintain Profitable Article Promotion. 
1.    Massive Submission
Massive submission is one of the most popular article marketing techniques nowadays. In general, one original and tens or hundreds of spinned articles are being used in this case. It is at your choice to do this yourself using article submission software or buy massive article distribution service. 
2.    Submission to top list 
Most internet marketing gurus prefer this article marketing promotion: submission of each and every article to top 10 or15 article marketing directories. In this case, you should choose highest traffic and highest pagerank sites to get maximum from your article promotion. 
3.    Manual Submission  
Manual submission is recommended by many experienced internet marketers as one of the most effective article marketing techniques. They mostly implement manual submission without any help if software.   
4.    Submission to 1 or 2 sites only. 
Some article marketers prefer submission of their articles only to one or two article marketing directories. The main reason for that is saving time and gaining a few, but more quality backlinks. Especially Do-follow, PR6 Ezinearticles is the number one site for every internet marketer. 
5.    More articles, more sales 
Some article marketers are people who are trying to get maximum results from any work, including article distribution. Therefore they attack top directories with tens of articles every single day to win over their competitors. I know even one internet marketer who himself is writing 101 articles per day and then submit them to top 10 directories to increase his affiliate and adsense income.  
6.    Maximum Leverage of Article Marketing 
Another group of article marketers apply “complex approach” article marketing techniques trying to “squeeze” maximum benefit from each and every article.
They use each article for:
  1. Creating short reports
  2. Creating video
  3. Forum marketing
  4. Yahoo answers marketing
  5. Creating e-book
  6. And much more. 
It is your own decision either to use only one or two from these 6 article marketing techniques or combine all of them for maximum profitable article promotion.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/article-marketing-articles/article-marketing-techniques-top-6-article-marketing-strategies-you-should-try-to-maintain-profitable-article-promotion-1422862.html
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SEO Tips For Start Ups

SEO for StartUp

Author: SEO Pandit
Search Engine Optimization has come to acquire great importance today due to increased online activity and growing e-commerce. SEO becomes all the more crucial for a start-up with low level of brand awareness and limited advertising budget. For a start-up, resources are always a matter of concern and allocating the right resources at the right place is what makes or breaks them. So if you are a startup and are contemplating whether to take the SEO route or not, here are 2 cases to guide you in your decision.

Case 1: You are a start up with a product which has very low awareness i.e your potential customers are not aware of either your brand or what you are selling. In a traditional PLC curve your product would be located at the leftmost corner. You are in the ‘introduction\' phase and you need to create awareness both for your product and brand.

How will Search Engine Optimization help?
Without going into the nitty gritties of how SEO is done, your Search Engine Optimization campaign will help you create that awareness. Your product offers some kind of a solution to an existing problem (and I assume it does!). Your potential customers might not know that such a product exists (due to the newness of your product) but they are definitely looking for a solution to their problem. They use search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for that information. The words they use to describe their problems become your 'Keywords'. An SEO campaign helps you in finding out these keywords. Tools like Google Adwords go a long way in identifying these keywords. SEO then helps integrating these keywords into your web site content so that it comes up when a search for the related query is done. This creates awareness about your product and consequently your brand.
The better the understanding of search engines, the better will be your ranking and higher will be your Brand/Product Awareness.

 Case 2: You are a Startup but there is already substantial market awareness about the product you are selling i.e you are new but your product is not. In a traditional PLC curve, your product will be located in the 'Growth' phase but there is very low level of awareness about your Brand per say.

How will Search Engine Optimization help?
In this phase of the market, you need to break the clutter and get your Brand noticed. Typically, you have to fight the big fishes here who have already established themselves. Your keywords have become more competitive. In such a scenario, SEO helps in getting your brand noticed. By such SEO techniques like Quality Content, Code revamping, Navigation restructure,Sitemap Creation , Link Building ,etc. the SEO Analyst works to get you higher ranking in SERPs. He also helps you to identify the most suitable keywords for your business.

Now coming to the cost factor of Search Engine Optimization, it is cheaper than most forms of traditional advertising. True your marketing budget is limited, but you do need to make a trade-off in the right direction at the right time!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/seo-for-startup-4995845.html
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Proven SEO Techniques For Backlink Building Part #1

Proven SEO Techniques to Build Quality Backlinks - Part 1


Author: Kevin Jeffersons
Backlink plays a significant role in getting higher page rankings for your website, blog post, articles, etc. It is the greatest way to increase targeted traffic to your website as well as be placed on the first page ranking in search engines result pages (SERPs) especially Google.

What are Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks or the links that point to your web site are the main factors to internet marketing. With quality backlinks, they help websites get higher search engine rankings and thus, in turn, results in more traffic to your website.

In the professional search engine optimization, the number of backlinks signifies the popularity or importance of that website or page.

Each backlink (or BL) is a citation for your website and each citation in turn is a vote in your website\'s favor. So the more strong or quality backlinks your website has, the more chance for your website to rank well in SERPs.

How to Create Quality Backlinks?

There are many ways to create quality backlinks and here are some proven SEO techniques which are usually included in any SEO Packages offered by SEO companies.

Submit your Site / Blog to Social Bookmarking Sites

As social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Sphinn etc., are becoming more popular nowadays with thousand and millions of people using them and being online at one time or another, social media has become a great way to get backlinks as well as huge web traffic. As you write articles with good quality content and submit them to these social bookmarking sites, you would not only likely get links but also huge web traffic as some of your articles can get a lot of exposure from these sites.

1.Do Article Submission/Marketing
Webmasters as well as Search Engine Optimisation Experts alike have been and are still using effectively the SEO strategy of article writing for building traffic and backlinks. However, you need to take note that if you submit articles to these article directories, make sure that your article is interesting, with quality and relevant content, and is potentially 'viral' (meaning plenty of web visitors will want to share them with others once they\'ve read it). It should also be unique from your articles or posts on your blog to avoid duplicate content.

2.Join Relevant Forums
Nowadays, when you post on online forums, it often sends referrals to your site from those who check out your profile and thus, gain your site valuable and free backlinks as many forums nowadays provide Dofollow link via signatures of signed up users.

3.Participate on Answer Sites
Joining in Q A Sites can also give your site some free backlinks. Like for example, creating an account at Aolanswers.com can give you a one dofollow link profile. It can also provide your site with some visitors because you can receive some traffic each time you participate and provide valuable answers from those members who ask questions. Just make sure to only put your site\'s links to those questions that can help members solve their concerns.

4.Submit Well-Written Press Release
SEO press releases are an excellent source of backlinks as they help in the overall SEO marketing plan. In order to get free backlinks, include your links within your press release. Just submit a well-written press release with a compelling title to make it look more interesting to read and other media sites would share it.

5.Have a Blog and Guest Post on Relevant Blogs
Guest posting or blogging is also an excellent way to build high quality backlinks.  As you write guest posts for other webmasters or professional SEOs in exchange for a link or two in your author bio, you not only gain a link but also provide a chance to build your brand or your website among the vast on-line users and thus, bring traffic to your site.

Make sure to submit only quality articles so that there is an increased chance of being invited back as a guest author again.

6.Get Active on Social Networking Sites
Use Twitter and if possible Facebook StumbleUpon every time you post. Promote everything you post on Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon for your fans, friends and followers on Twitter/Facebook to follow, keep up, and click from the stream of your latest content through those channels.

There are more ways to get more quality backlinks to your site, stay tuned for the Part 2 of this article.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/proven-seo-techniques-to-build-quality-backlinks-part-1-5017087.html
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SEO - Top Five SEO Tips For Higher Rankings In Google Part #1

SEO Tips - 5 Top SEO Tips For Higher Rankings In Google Part 1

Author: Jay Sullivan
Here\'s part 1 of our 5 top SEO tips that will improve your rankings in Google. By using these SEO tips you\'ll be able to crush any niche, dominate your market and promote ANY business, and if you\'re competing in local markets, your results will be astounding to say the least.
Before we go into detail about our SEO tips, you need to know that we\'re not gaming Google here. This is the reason why we can get sites to rank quickly and more importantly stay there. There\'s no loophole or backdoor so to speak with these SEO tips.
In fact, if you look through all of Google\'s past literature on how they rank sites, you\'ll see that what we\'re doing essentially is giving Google what they want.

We\'re setting our websites up the way Google wants us to set our websites up with these SEO tips...cool huh?

Unless Google changes the way they rank sites in the future, or a new coding standard is introduced worldwide (forget algorithm updates...we\'ve been though all those and our sites still stay in 1st place!) you\'ll have complete piece of mind that by using our SEO tips, your site will still survive. Ok, let\'s get started with our list of top 5 SEO Tips...

SEO Tips Number 1: Use An Exact Match Keyword Phrase In The Domain Name
We won\'t go into detail about keyword research in these SEO tips, otherwise we could fill a whole blog up. But, whatever niche you\'re targeting, always try to get the keyword you want to rank for as an exact match domain name. Don\'t add any prefixes, suffix or slashes etc. For example, if we was to try to rank for 'SEO tips' (like we have already with this site) you can bet your bottom dollar that www.seotips.com has already been taken.
So in this example we found an aged domain that contained the keyword in. (See quick SEO tips below for more details about this method) Your best bet is to try for a .com, .net or .org. We\'ve been having some great success with the .co variety, and there are still quite a few .co exact match keyword domains out there. I\'ve also seen success with the .info domain extension as well. For an example of this, search for 'free spyware removal' on Google. Currently there\'s a .info in top spot getting a fair share of the 14,800 monthly searches!

Quick SEO Tips: Another option is to go for an aged domain name with your keyword contained in it (like we have with this site). If you have Scrapebox, there\'s a cool addon that searches the TDNAM marketplace for soon to be expiring domain names, and you can pick up a 3-10 yr old domain from as little as $5. The advantage of having an aged domain is it carries a bit more weight, and will help rank your site faster.

Another one of our cool SEO tips would be to try and register any domain names between 2-5 yrs and don\'t hide behind any whois protection. It stands to reason that someone who registers a domain name for a long period of time and leaves their contact details visible, is here to do business for good, and has nothing to hide.
Don\'t overlook any of these SEO tips. Trust me when i say Google is NASA smart and picks up on these things! Two domain name registrars I use are Godaddy and Namecheap. There are Lots of coupons running around that will give you a hefty discount as well, so do a search for the latest Namecheap coupons or Godaddy coupons on Google, OR check out the sidebar of SEO tips for the current coupon code for Namecheap.
UPDATE: It\'s come to SEO tips attention that a lot of people have been having trouble with Godaddy. If one of your domains get caught in a pickle after trying out some new SEO tactics, Godaddy likes to delete all domains on that account.
Namecheap is the best domain company there is when registering TLD domains. For hosting I can highly recommend Hostgator. SEO tips have been using these for years and after running a few tests, I\'ve found all my Wordpress blogs seem to get indexed quicker and rank faster with these guys. You can get your first months hosting for 1 cent by clicking the Hostgator banner found to the right of our site as well.

Ok, so let\'s move on to SEO Tips number 2...

SEO for Blogs - How Important Is It?

SEO for Blogs- How Important Is It?

Author: Amarantha Harmonee
The reason many choose internet marketing is to be in business for themselves and make money, while being able to stay home. Another reason for blogging is usually to gain readers and have others read your opinions on various issues. Many bloggers want to make money, while promoting their business, and therefore the main goal is to gain more traffic. SEO for blogs is required for both instances.
What exactly is the process of optimizing blogs for search engines? The process of SEO for blogs involves choosing the best keywords for your target audience, and should be carefully chosen. These carefully chosen keywords must be placed throughout your blog. The keywords you have chosen can be placed at the bottom of each post using tags. The keywords placed within the tag box is vital. They must be the best possible keywords for optimization of your blog.

You can start this process by using a keyword optimization tool. This tool will generate keywords that you can use to optimize your keyword search box aiding in the process of SEO for blogs or any other site. Keywords are the key factors to get the search engine spiders to your blog or site to be crawled and indexed. Without highly relevant keywords, it is very difficult to ensure your site gets crawled and indexed at all.Keywords are the words people use when doing a search online to find something. Think of them when you do your research.

Once you have your relevant keywords they should be placed within your title and throughout your blog or site. This is very important! The title and keywords in your blog should all be highly relevant and the best possible phrases to obtain a high ranking within the search engines. The next step in the process of SEO for blogs is to make it clear and easy to understand. Clutter filled blogs are often overlooked when it comes time for spiders to crawl. Ensure your blog has relevant, high quality content that will be valueable to your readers.

There are many techniques you can use to be profitable online and SEO for blogs or any site you may wish to promote is not the only way. As Google, Yahoo and many of the other search engines are constantly changing their methods of ranking and indexing content, we as internet marketers must be willing to constantly change with them, if search engine rankings is our goal. If you would like to learn more about SEO, or if you would like to learn about the best training facility online that can teach you all you need to know to be successful online, please click here.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/seo-for-blogs-how-important-is-it-3477205.html

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Hello Everyone, my name is Amarantha Harmonee and I am glad to be here. I am a researcher of health and beauty products world wide. I also own several businesses and would like to help those that would like to earn a living online do so by pointing them in the best direction to accomplish their goals.